Health Services

This page contains information about clinics and hospitals that JCMU students have been treated at in the past. We also provide resources for students to be able to translate their symptoms into Japanese.

Clinic’s Name

Area of Medicine

Phone Number

Iso Clinic Internal Medicine 0749-52-1100
Sawada Clinic Internal Medicine 0749-62-0875
Maple Clinic Psychiatry/Psychosomatic medicine 077-561-3877
Sugawara Mental Clinic Psychiatry/Psychosomatic medicine 0749-21-0840
Kasai Orthopedic Clinic Orthopedic n/a
Takahashi Orthopedic Clinic Orthopedic 0749-27-6296
Nakajima Dental Clinic Dentist 0749-23-3907
Iso Dental Clinic Dentist 0749-52-3000
Eryu Dermatology Clinic Dermatology 0749-23-7815
Wakamori Dermatology Clinic Dermatology 0749-21-1212
Mekata Eye Clinic Ophthalmology 0749-27-5151
Adachi Ladies Clinic Obstetrics and Gynecology 0749-22-2155
Jinno Ladies Clinic Obstetrics and Gynecology 0749-22-6216
Hikone Municipal Hospital All Departments 0749-22-6050
Hikone Central Hospital All Departments 0749-23-1211

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