Alumni Testimonials


Sora Choi, Summer 2011  Intensive Language & Culture Program

 “I didn’t walk out of JCMU with just a better grasp of Japanese culture and language. I walked away with powerful memories, lifelong friends, and a clear direction for what I wanted to do in the future.”

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Linda Stephen, 1990-91 Academic Year Language & Culture Program

“Whether you make the study of Japan and Japanese language your career or are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity, your time at JCMU will be invaluable.”

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Zachary Colman, 2004 Fall Semester Language & Culture Program

“JCMU was all about having fun, getting myself outside of my comfort zone and experiencing a totally different culture.”

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Emily Canosa, 2005 Fall Semester Language & Culture Program

“JCMU changed my life, and if you go it will change yours too! I recommend taking advantage of extracurricular opportunities to engage with the community while you’re there, and JCMU provides many of these and also will support you in exploring and developing your own ways to explore your interests.”

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Alex Wrobel, 2007 Spring Semester and Summer Language & Culture Programs

“My time at JCMU and the betterment of my Japanese ability made it possible for me to land a job in Japan with Nissan, plus provided me with many other opportunities such as working abroad since I finished my college career.”

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