Welcome to the Maps Page. This page is dedicated to providing students with information and resources for finding places of interest in Hikone and Shiga Prefecture. Students are encouraged to contribute.


Temples and Points of Interest Around Shiga

Property of

JCMU friends at are working hard to provide a comprehensive website about places to see in Shiga Prefecture, in English! They are always adding more places and publishing new articles.

If you want to contribute to the Be Wa website by submitting articles for publication, click here.

Click here to go to the interactive map




Interactive Student Resources Map

Students Can Add Locations! Below is a Google map with specific places marked to help students find things they may need. Click on any of the locations listed to jump to it and read their descriptions.

How to Add Your Favorite Locations

If you are a current student and you’ve found an interesting place, ate an interesting dish and want to share what you thought of the place, you can mark it on this map to share with everyone! Click the rectangular icon on the top right hand corner of the map display box to open this map in a new tab. From here, you can drop a marker on the location of your new favorite store or restaurant as well as write a short summary of your experience. **NOTE** You must be logged into a Google account in order to add a location marker.

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