“Understanding Compromise in English Education”

The JET Program, and thus the ALT position as we know it, turns 30 this year. It can be said beyond the shadow of a doubt that the expectations of English educators, both foreign and native, are far different than they were at the program’s inception. It is no wonder then that many Japanese teachers of English and ALTs find themselves frustrated with a system that gives them tools strikingly similar to those that their predecessors of almost three decades ago were using to meet decidedly different goals. This workshop proposes the development and execution of programs to help ALTs and JTEs develop tools for more effective, satisfying team teaching and demonstrates a few programs that have already been tried with JET Program ALTs and Japanese teachers of English at senior high schools in Shiga Prefecture. The workshop will be presented in English and contain interactive portions. Though largely intended to benefit teachers, all are welcome to attend.

Robert Pearsall, Prefectural Advisor
Shiga Prefectural Board of Education – School Education Division

About the presenter:
Pearsall.jpgRobert Pearsall is a Prefectural Advisor for Shiga JET Program participants in Shiga at the Shiga Prefectural Board of Education. He worked in the town of Hino as an ALT for two years before taking on the advisory position. Using his background in education in both Japan and his home country of the USA, he strives to promote cross-cultural understanding and quality education in the prefecture. Robert currently lives in Omihachiman, Shiga.

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