“Promoting Four-Skills Language Development in High School Team-Teaching EFL Classes”

Japanese public school EFL language teachers have a number of responsibilities which, along with helping students develop their overall English proficiency, include motivating students, promoting international cultural awareness, and balancing the roles of the Native English Teacher and Japanese Teacher of English in the classroom. This presentation will introduce original teaching material and lessons plans which have been used with second-year high school students which are loosely based on the TOEFL Junior exam to meet those goals. These lessons have been designed to promote active learning among students, and to give students as much time as possible to speak and receive corrective feedback. Students not only practice reading and writing, but participate in group discussions, give English presentations, and have one-on-one discussions with the native English teacher. After presenting the lesson outlines, material, and rationale for development, it is hoped that the material can be improved through audience feedback.

Eric Shepherd Martin, Lecturer
Shitennoji University

About the presenter:
Martin.jpgEric Shepherd Martin has been helping students in Japan become globally-minded thinkers and effective English communicators for eight years. He has spent more than half of his teaching career working with small children, and has more recently begun to work with young adults. His interests include curriculum and materials development aimed at motivating all learners by using multiple kinds of activities to appeal to learners’ individual differences. He is currently a lecturer and researcher at Shitennoji University, and lives in Amagasaki with his wife and daughter.

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