Minimalist Ikebana

Discover and learn more about minimalist techniques for ikebana (the art of traditional Japanese flower arrangement) from a student of the famous Sogetsu School of ikebana.

Jesse Freeman
Sogetsu School

About the presenter:
Freeman.jpgJesse Freeman originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. After earning a Law degree from the University of Hawaii, he moved to Tokyo in 2006. He has lived here since and is currently 32-years-old. He has been studying ikebana under the Sogetsu School for the last 8 and half years, participating in bi-annual exhibitions.

One of his main hobbies is literature and film. He particularly enjoys silent films through to the 70s. Because of this, he got into black and white photography shooting mostly in film. He self-develops and prints his own work and exhibits frequently in Japan, Australia, and Europe. In addition, he works as a freelance photographer, and writes/directs short films and has done 8 films in the last four years that have all screened in Tokyo. The films often incorporate his art and pay homage to films from the 60s and before.

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