“Launching a New Global Education Center in Doshisha University, Kyoto”

In April 2016, the new Center for Global Education (CGE) began offering courses at both of the main Doshisha University campuses in Kyoto. All of the thirty-plus courses are open to all undergraduate students whatever their major, the only condition being that students have sufficient English ability to handle classes taught entirely in the medium of English.

This paper introduces the strategy developed by the CGE at Doshisha to provide classes that can meet the needs of students who are already comfortable taking part in discussions at a native-speaker level of English proficiency as well as those who aspire to study in an English-medium environment but are still working at improving their language skills. The current CGE system divides courses into two categories: one for Japanese students who are not yet able to participate fully in classes conducted entirely in English; and the second aimed at native or near native speakers of English. For classes in the former category, Student Assistants are recruited from among the foreign exchange students at Doshisha to help the Japanese students hone their English discussion and presentation skills. This paper’s presenter welcomes input from symposium participants into ways to improve the CGE curriculum going forward.

Dr. Robert Aspinall, Professor and Chair (Academic Affairs)
Toyo University

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