“I’ve Got You Covered: Using Original and Cover Songs for Compare and Contrast Essays”

For this presentation I will share some practical ideas and activities on how to use original songs and cover songs for use in writing classes. Music is not often seen as a resource for writing classes, but its power should not be overlooked. Original songs and their covered versions provide plenty of material for even the most reluctant writers. Experience has shown me that these activities are very popular and provide the impetus for surprisingly creative writing.

First, a number of schema building activities will be demonstrated, followed by a brief guided discussion about music and useful vocabulary and phrases. Next, two well-known songs and their cover versions will be played for the audience to compare and contrast. Participants will share their impressions and thoughts. Finally, some ideas for post-task activities will be shared.

Karl Hedberg, Foreign Language Instructor
Shiga University

About the presenter:
HedbergKarl Hedberg earned his bachelor’s from Rutgers University and his M.Ed. from Temple University-Japan. He has been teaching in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, for over 23 years. In addition to working at Shiga University, he also works part-time at Kyoto University and the University of Shiga Prefecture. His research interests include learning strategies and material writing. He recently co-wrote Primary Practice for TOEIC Listening and Reading Test (Sanshusha, 2017). Email: hedberg@biwako.shiga-u.ac.jp

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