“Incorporating Flipped Model Elements to Enhance Intensive Language Classes”

The Flipped Model was designed to make the most of technology, classroom time and time outside of the classroom to improve student engagement and learning outcomes. The Flipped Model has been adapted and used in a myriad of class types and with many different types of student populations. The presenter has brought elements of the Flipped Model into her own program to maximize time for language production in class, increase independent learning and develop research and analytical skills.

The presenter will take the audience through her experiences incorporating elements of the Flipped Model into intensive, university level English language courses. There will be a brief overview of the basics of the Flipped Model, followed by an explanation of why and how elements of the Flipped Model were integrated into the classes and how they effected student outcomes and lesson planning. Following this there will be focused discussion groups to brainstorm how different programs could use Flipped Model elements to enhance their own classes.

Samantha Green, Instructor
Toyo University

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