“Bringing Computer Literacy Development into Language Instruction”

In an age where smart phones are ubiquitous and digital communication is the norm, many teachers are surprised to find that their students, many of whom are “digital natives,” do not actually have a high degree of computer literacy. That is, despite their use of modern technology in an almost daily capacity, they lack an understanding of the basics of computing technology and the ability to use computers for advanced problem solving in an efficient way. However, this poses a unique teaching opportunity for language teachers who have a knack for computers, a background in information technology, or even a simple desire to bring computers into the language classroom in a practical context. In this presentation, I will discuss collaborative projects and task-based learning activities that can be utilized to simultaneously develop the language proficiency, practical computer-based skills, and computer literacy of learners. Lessons learned from the teaching of content and language-integrated learning (CLIL) classes on the themes of computer skills and digital society is also discussed.

G. Clint Denison, Lecturer
Osaka Jogakuin University

About the presenter:
Denison.jpgClint Denison first came to Japan in 2004 as a student at JCMU, where he studied for three semesters. After graduating from Eastern Michigan University, he returned to Japan on the JET Programme in 2007 and has been here ever since. He has taught English at almost every level, including elementary, junior high, senior high, and university. Currently, he is an adjunct lecturer at Osaka Jogakuin University, Konan University: CUBE, Mukogawa Women’s University, and Kansai University where he has taught a combination of English, presentation, American studies, and computer-themed CLIL courses. His research interests include fluency development, extensive reading, vocabulary instruction, individual differences, and writing.

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