2017 List of Presenters and Events

This is the list of presenters and events for the now-finished 2017 JCMU Symposium. For information on the upcoming 2018 iteration, please visit the JCMU Symposium homepage.

Japanese Culture

Experiential presentations

Jesse Freeman
Sogetsu School
Minimalist Ikebana

Hikone Jaycees
Hikone Carrom

Paper presentations

Dr. Yasuko Akiyama, Lecturer
Indiana University
“Ambitious Women in Male Manga Magazines”

Dr. Roy S Hanashiro, Professor of History
University of Michigan-Flint
“Defining the Empire of Japan during the 19th Century: The Role of Ogasawara Islands”

Ben McCracken, Resident Director
Japan Center for Michigan Universities
“A Model Japan”

Dr. Kentaro Taki, Associate Professor
University of Shiga Prefecture
“Lake Biwa”

Paul Tanner, Foreign Lecturer
Shiga University
“The Most Important Japanese Person who Never Lived”

Japanese Language

Panel discussion

Mayumi Oka, Director of the Japanese Language Program
Junko Kondo, Japanese Language Lecturer
Yoshihiro Mochizuki, Japanese Language Lecturer
Yoshimi Sakakibara, Japanese Language Lecturer
University of Michigan

Paper presentations

京野千穂, 学術研究員

Takehiro Iizuka, Ph.D. student/Japanese Instructor
University of Maryland, College Park/University of Shiga Prefecture
“Processing Differences Between L1 and L2 Speakers: Evidence From Japanese Verbal Morphological Priming Effect”

Dr. Yosei Sugawara, Lecturer
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, CLSP at University of Shiga Prefecture
“The 8th Question: Language Learning and Communication Contexts”

English Language

Paper presentations

Dr. Robert Aspinall, Professor and Chair (Academic Affairs)
Doshisha University
“Launching a New Global Education Center in Doshisha University, Kyoto”

G. Clint Denison, Lecturer
Osaka Jogakuin University
“Bringing Computer Literacy Development into Language Instruction”

Sean Gaffney, Specially Appointed Instructor
Shiga University
“Free Writing and the Writing Process”

John Howrey, Senior Language Instructor
Nanzan University
“Engaging Student Interest in Reading through a Variety of Book Reports”

Eric Shepherd Martin, Lecturer
International Buddhist University
“Promoting Four-Skills Language Development in High School Team-Teaching EFL Classes”


Dr. Robert Charles Ames, English Instructor and TOEFL Prep Coordinator
Seifu Nankai Junior and Senior High School
“Global Communication Culture in the Japanese JHS and SHS”

Kia DeCou, Lecturer
Toyo University
“Appetizers, Entrees and Deserts: Creating Learning Menus for Language Classrooms”

Samantha Green, Instructor
Toyo University
“American Country Music Used to Engage English Language Learners”
“Incorporating Flipped Model Elements to Enhance Intensive Language Classes”

Karl Hedberg, Foreign Language Instructor
Shiga University
“I’ve Got You Covered: Using Original and Cover Songs for Compare and Contrast Essays”

Robert Pearsall, Prefectural Advisor
Shiga Prefectural Board of Education – School Education Division
“Understanding Compromise in English Education”

John Spiri, Associate Professor
Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University
“Japan’s Public Schools: Archaic or Effective?”

David Wybenga, English Instructor
Japan Center for Michigan Universities
“Teaching English with Picture Books”