“Emerging Language in Social Media: Challenges for Research and Teaching Linguistics”

Presenter: James Heather


Social media platforms are increasingly becoming the preferred tools of communication. More researchers are demonstrating interest in the role of social media in social development within the contemporary society. The impact of social media communications on the methods and models of teaching linguistics is an area of scientific concern. The current research seeks to explore the use of language in social media communications and its impact on research methods in linguistics. In addition, the research indicates the implication of social media communication for the practice of teaching linguistics.

Communication has become increasingly informal. The traditional forms of communication are being overtaken by the emerging language. The impact of the emerging forms of communication across social media are investigated in the context of their implications in both research and practice in the discipline of linguistics. The presentation intends to present some of the new challenges for both researchers and linguistic teachers with regards to the emerging User Generated Content (UGC) found in social media. Specifically the presentation highlights the new challenges of using traditional content analysis techniques to interpret UGC.

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