List of Presenters

Robert Aspinall
“The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Foreign Teacher in the Japanese University System”

James Heather
“Emerging Language in Social Media: Challenges for Research and Teaching Linguistics”

Karl Hedberg
“PechaKucha – Unplugged”

Mayumi Ishikawa
“Between Global Reputation and Local Distinction: Japan and World University Rankings”

Dongbin Kim
“Study abroad? What about work abroad? Dialogues with international faculty working at a Korean university”

Benjamin J. McCracken
“Not Necessarily The Population Problem Panacea: Proper Planning for International Student and Program Expansion in Japan”

Richard Miller
“Career challenges in a changing globalized world with an expat educators view from Japan”

Rick Mitcham
“How to encourage and support EFL learner writers to go for publication”

Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo
“Graduate International Student Recruitment as an Internationalization Strategy in Japanese leading universities: An Inward-Looking Approach?”

Philip S. Riccobono
“Towards English for Baseball Purposes (EBP)”

Riyad Shahjahan
“Global University Rankings and Implications for Quality Assurance”

Paul Tanner
“If you could have a conversation with any person in human history, who would you choose? Why? What would you discuss?”

Shari Yamamoto
“How Konan University’s self-access center is contributing to Japanese and international exchange students’ global education in Japan”

Akiyoshi Yonezawa
“The Future of Japanese Higher Education”