2018 JCMU Symposium


2018 JCMU Symposium theme:
The globalization of higher education ー Japanese higher education and beyond

Among the many ongoing debates in higher education are growing concerns with making sense of and responding to globalizing forces (e.g. technology, mobility, global metrics, and/or governance), while simultaneously responding to national and local agendas. Higher education is very much implicated in the context of the global economy and has been deployed in the search for economic competitiveness and social development. Against this backdrop, this 1.5 day-long symposium of multiple keynotes and panels will focus on the trends and challenges of globalizing higher education from various national/regional (e.g. Japan, USA, and/or East Asia), transnational and local Japanese perspectives. It will address issues like internationalization, teaching and learning, scholarship, administration, student and faculty issues, as well as broader issues of global rankings, world class initiatives, academic mobility etc. Presenters will shed light on the wide range of issues raised in this debate.

The Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU) study abroad program is a product of the strong sister-state relationship between the State of Michigan and Shiga Prefecture. It is located on the shore of Lake Biwa in the City of Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Our programs are dedicated to building relationships between Japanese, Americans, and other nationalities through active learning and participation in language, culture, family life and society. JCMU has been welcoming students of all majors since 1989. Students do not need to attend a member university to participate.


May 25-26


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