JCMU Monthly Photo Contest – Official Rules

Eligibility: Entrants must submit their photos/required information on the JCMU Monthly Photo Contest’s main contest webpage (“Contest Page”) here: http://woobox.com/wbq6sp.

Entrants must be current students on a Japan Center for Michigan Universities program. Photos must have been taken by the entrant during the entrant’s current study abroad program. Photos taken by another participant on the entrant’s program is acceptable as long as it was with the entrants camera (i.e. a friend took your photo with your camera). Photos must be also taken outside of the United States and may include locations traveled to during free time (must have occurred within the official program dates).

Entrants are only eligible to win once per month. Should an entrant be awarded first place in both prize categories (listed below under the “Prizes” section), then the runner-up winner in category 1 will be offered the category 1 award instead. Should there be only one entrant, that entrant will receive one 1,000 yen Coco’s gift certificate, and the second will not be awarded at all.

By entering the contest you will be giving JCMU permission to use your photo(s) in various marketing activities, publications, and/or on the internet for the purpose of promoting study abroad at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities. This means all photos, not just winning entries, will be eligible for inclusion in such activities.

Submission requirements: All entries must be submitted to the main contest page. All submissions must adhere to the guidelines below.

1 – Only current JCMU students presently in Japan are eligible to participate

2 – Submissions must be in either JPG or PNG format

3 – You may enter up to 6 times, so long as a different photo is submitted each time

4 – Photos must be at least 1080px x 1080px resolution, but even higher resolution is preferred

In addition, preference will be given to photos of JCMU students performing activities out and about in Hikone, and/or of JCMU students’ involvements in the Hikone community.

A completed entry must include information regarding the photograph. Necessary information includes the following: entrant name, entrant’s current JCMU program, who is in the submitted photo, and where the photo was taken.

Photos with explicit content are not eligible to receive prizes. JCMU can, at their discretion, disqualify entries based on what they deem to be overly explicit content.

Prizes: Two Coco’s Restaurant meal reimbursements worth up to 1,000 yen (~$10 USD) will be awarded to two winners. Prizes will be awarded based on two different factors:

1 – One prize will be awarded by a panel of judges. The panel of judges will be made up of members of the JCMU East Lansing office in East Lansing, Michigan, USA. Preference will be given to photos showcasing students completing activities/touring around the Hikone/Shiga area.

2 – One more prize will be awarded based on the highest number of votes an entry receives. For a 2-3 day period after the contest ends, community members and entrants alike will have the opportunity to “vote” on their favorite photo submission. The submission with the highest number of votes will be awarded with this second prize. Exact voting period dates can be found on the Contest Page under the “Contest Period” section.

The contest will repeat monthly, with entries being reset so that only newly submitted entries are eligible.

Contest period: As exact dates will change from month to month depending on current JCMU program schedules, these official rules only list a range of dates that the contest period adheres to. Exact dates for each month’s contest will be on the Contest Page.

The contest will begin every month between the 29th of the previous month and the 24th of the contest month (varies depending on current JCMU program schedules), and will end between the 13th of the contest month and the 1st of the following month every contest period (depending on current JCMU program schedules). Submissions must be entered no later than 11:59pm JST (9:59am-10:59am ET) of the stated end day of the contest period.

Entries received after the deadline will not be eligible. Prize winners will be selected between the 13th of the contest month and the 3rd of the following month (varies depending on current JCMU program schedules), with the prizes being made available for pickup by our winning student entrants at the main JCMU office in the Academic Building of our Hikone, Shiga, Japan campus.