JCMU Melville Endowed Scholarship Fund


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Would you consider a $50 gift towards JCMU student scholarships?

The benefits of study abroad are without question. Too often though, we hear from lower income students that the costs of international education are prohibitive, preventing them from having their own life-changing experiences abroad. The JCMU Melville Endowed Scholarship Fund was established to provide students with scholarships towards their time in Hikone.

In the last year, the fund provided 6 JCMU students with scholarships. The programs they participated in engaged them both academically and with the local community through home stays, internships, volunteer work and other activities.

Your contributions will help students discover Shiga for years to come. 

If only 5% of JCMU alumni, university members, and community partners donated $50, then we would reach our fundraising goal by the end of today.

As a 2014/15 JCMU alum, I can say without question that my time in Hikone changed my life. I still often think back to climbing the steep “stairs” (more like ladders) of Hikone Castle, practicing my Japanese with local Shiga University students, and even working to keep up with the fast pace of the Japanese language courses. These experiences continue to impact the person that I am today.

It is my firm belief that everybody, regardless of income level, should be given similar opportunities abroad. Together, we can continue to break down the financial barriers of international education and provide life-changing experiences to all students.

Patrick Mercer, JCMU Media Specialist