Alex Wrobel, 2007 Spring and Summer

2007 spring/summer alumnus Alex Wrobel briefly discusses his time on the program, including tips for prospective students!

What program were you in?

I participated in the 2007 Spring semester and Summer Intensive programs.

How did JCMU help you work towards your academic/professional goals?

JCMU was a great experience for both my professional and academic career. Academic-wise, after a few years of Japanese here in the States it was great to experience a totally immersive foreign language program and really gain a grasp on all the material I had learned up until that point. Professional-wise, my time at JCMU and the betterment of my Japanese ability made it possible for me to land a job in Japan with Nissan, plus provided me with many other opportunities such as working abroad since I finished my college career.


What would you say to prospective students who are considering JCMU?

There is no better opportunity out there to learn a language while studying abroad. You get what you put into it: if you go wanting total immersion and a chance to really perfect your Japanese then you won’t be disappointed. If you want to learn Japanese but still have a “safety net” of English speakers, JCMU provides that too.

We would like to thank Alex for sharing his experiences with us, and we hope this inspires future students to consider studying abroad in Hikone!