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If you really want to learn Japanese JCMU is the place for you.  JCMU has 25 years of experience in Japanese Language acquisition offering full academic year programs as well as summer intensive programs.  JCMU programs are designed to give you a full years worth of Japanese in just four months during the academic year and three months during the summer.  In one calendar year a student can start from scratch and complete up to the 300 Level.  All JCMU Courses are accredited through Michigan State University and backed by a consortium of all 15 Michigan Public Universities.

JCMU also offers a full host of programs starting in May each year that focus on Japanese culture.  Some of the current offerings include Environmental Science in Japan, Comparative Healthcare, and Criminal Justice in Japan.

For students with excellent Japanese language skills JCMU also provides a Summer Internship Program.  Work in a Japanese environment and increase your language and cultural understanding while you learn unforgettable work skills.

For more information see https://jcmu.isp.msu.edu/

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