Festival Food Wars: Michigan vs Shiga

Takoyaki, funnel cake, and everything in between: fair food in Michigan and festival food in Shiga differ in quite a number of ways. But we want to definitively answer the entirely subjective question: which of these foods is the best?

To scientifically deduce the 100% completely accurate answer, we determined there was only one way to get this figured out: tournament!

For the bracket, we seeded 8 Michigan fair foods against each other on one side and 8 Shiga fair foods on the other side. The winner of each group will face off against each other in the championship battle to crown the undeniable caloric winner.

The tournament bracket [link to Challonge], along with match-up previews, will be updated as time goes on. Voting will take place both on this page and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. May the best food win!

Grand Festival Food Finals
Voting open until July 22nd

(2) Elephant ear vs (4) Yakisoba

Elephant ear (left), yakisoba (right)

It’s finally time: the grand finale!

On the Michigan side, elephant ear trampled its opponents on its way through the bracket. There was never any doubt, even as it faced our group favorite, corn dog.

On the Shiga side though, yakisoba had a much harder go of things. Its most recent match was extraordinarily close: it beat okonomiyaki by only 1 vote! But does this give the stir-fried noodles a battle-hardened advantage in the finals?

Will elephant ear bring the title to the Michigan side, or will Shiga declare victory with yakisoba? Vote now to settle this debate once and for all!

Round 3
(Winners in bold)

Michigan group

(1) Corn dog vs (2) Elephant ear

Shiga Group

(4) Yakisoba vs (6) Okonomiyaki

Round 2
(Winners in bold)

Michigan group

(1) Corn dog vs (4) Cotton candy
(2) Elephant ear vs (6) Soft pretzel

Shiga Group

(1) Karaage vs (4) Yakisoba
(2) Taiyaki vs (6) Okonomiyaki

Round 1
(Winners in bold)

Michigan group

(1) Corn dog vs (8) Hot dog
(2) Elephant ear vs (7) Funnel cake
(3) Kettle corn vs (6) Soft pretzel
(4) Cotton candy vs (5) Candy apple

Shiga Group

(1) Karaage vs (8) Yaki toumorokoshi
(2) Taiyaki vs (7) Yakitori
(3) Takoyaki vs (6) Okonomiyaki
(4) Yakisoba vs (5) Kakigoori

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