Autumn Colors at JCMU – Fall 2018 Events

If you study abroad with JCMU, you can participate in a wide array of activities at our campus and in the Shiga area. To showcase just how much you can do in Hikone, our Student Services Coordinator, Yasuhiko Harada, created a list of events/activities that Summer Intensive Language students participated in this year.

The 2018 Fall Semester Language & Culture program has come and gone, running from September through December. However, students on the program were able to participate in a ton of activities during their time in Hikone! From visiting ancient temples & shrines to learning the art of Japanese-style calligraphy, discover all that our students did over the course of the 2018 fall semester program.

JCMU events/activities

September 3rd

  • Fall/academic year students arrive in Japan
  • Kokunai Ryugaku program begins

September 4th

  • Fall semester orientation
  • Lunch and tour of Shiga University

September 5th

  • Placement exam
  • Bike tour of Hikone with Shiga University students
  • English program Wednesday night activity
    • “Speed friending”
“Speed friending” Wednesday night activity

September 6th

  • First day of class
  • Homestay information session
  • English program Wednesday night activity
    • “Speed friending”

September 7th

  • Fire drill in the JCMU courtyard
  • Snack party with Kokunai Ryugaku students
JCMU fire drill

September 10th

  • Homestay interviews
  • Language exchange with Maibara High School students
Language exchange activity

September 13th

  • Internship information session

September 14th

  • Friday Japanese cultural activity
    • Kado: Japanese-style flower arrangement
  • Kokunai Ryugaku program final presentations, closing ceremony
Kado Friday cultural activity

September 17th

  • National holiday: Keirō no Hi (Respect for the Aged Day)
    • No class!

September 19th

  • Internship interviews (day 1)

September 20th

  • Internship interviews (day 2)

September 21st

  • Friday Japanese cultural activity
    • Koto: Traditional Japanese harp
Koto Friday cultural activity

September 24th

  • National holiday: Shūbun no Hi (Autumnal Equinox Day)
    • No class!

September 28th

  • Friday Japanese cultural activity
    • Sado: Tea ceremony
Sado Friday cultural activity

October 3rd

  • Dinner at the Shiga University Coop Cafeteria
Shiga Coop Cafeteria dinnertime

October 5th

  • Friday Japanese cultural activity
    • Kimono: Try on traditional Japanese garb
Kimono Friday cultural activity

October 12th

  • Friday Japanese cultural activity
    • Zazen: Traditional Zen Buddhist meditation style
  • Start of weekend homestays
Zazen Friday cultural activity

October 14th

  • Weekend homestays conclude

October 17th

  • English program Wednesday night activity
    • “The Great Scavenger Hunt”
“The Great Scavenger Hunt” Wednesday night activity

October 19th

  • Friday Japanese cultural activity
    • Japanese sign language
  • JCMU group field trip
Sobauchi experience

October 20th

October 26th

  • Friday Japanese cultural activity
    • Preparing for the JCMU Halloween Party
  • JCMU Halloween Party!
    • 4:30 pm: Kids’ Halloween Party
    • 7 pm: College/Adult Halloween Party
JCMU Halloween Party

October 27th

  • Gohanya Kumakuma party
Gohanya Kumakuma party

November 2nd

  • Friday Japanese cultural activity
    • Shodo: The art of Japanese calligraphy
  • Michigan Cup English Speaking Competition
  • English program Wednesday night activity
    • Trip to Ohmi Hachiman
Shodo Friday cultural activity

November 7th

  • English program Wednesday night activity
    • Trip to Ohmi Hachiman

November 9th

  • Conversation partner session
Conversation partner session

November 16th

  • Friday Japanese cultural activity
    • Elementary school visitation

November 17th

International Exchange Field Trip

November 19th

  • English program Wednesday night activity
    • “Conversation night”
“Conversation night” Wednesday night activity

November 22nd

  • JCMU Thanksgiving Party
JCMU Thanksgiving Party, featuring Hiraku!

November 23rd

December 3rd

  • Departure orientation
    • For students leaving after the fall semester only

December 5th

  • English program Wednesday night activity
    • “Once Upon a Time”
“Once Upon a Time” Wednesday night activity

December 7th

  • Visit from Tony Nelson (Kalamazoo College)
  • Japanese language class final presentations

December 11th

  • Last day of Japanese language class

December 13th

  • Japanese language class final exams

December 14th

  • Closing ceremonies for the fall 2018 semester
Fall 2018 closing ceremony

December 15th

  • Fall semester students depart JCMU, winter break begins for academic year students

Events/activities in the Shiga area

September 16th

Until September 30th

October 8th

  • Daidogei (street performance) Festival
    • Located in Toragozen
Example of daidogei
(Photo taken by Norio Nakayama)
(Photo shared following CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license guidelines)

Until October 8th

Middle of October

October 13th-14th

  • Haccho Bori (moat) Festival
    • Located in Ohmi Hachiman
Boating through Ohmi Hachiman moats

October 21st

October 26th

Until October 31st

Michigan Boat

Until the beginning of November

Throughout November

November 3rd

Hikone Castle

November 4th

November 10th

Until November 11th

  • Memorial exhibition: Tadashi Mabuchi, painter
    • Mabuchi-san was a JCMU Host Father before his passing
    • Located in Atelier M in Nagahama

Until November 12th

November 18th

JCMU students with the winner of the Kawarake Throwing World Championship

November 24th

Until December 2nd

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