Standing with our community members of all identities

At a time where it seems some are being targeted on the basis of religion, gender identity, and race, JCMU stands with our community members of all backgrounds and identities.

We genuinely believe that the only way to move forward as a global society is to learn about and from people outside of our own culture and community with respect for our differences, celebration of our diversity, and dignity for all people, regardless of place of origin, race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, and so on. At JCMU, we are strongly committed to inclusivity and will continue working to ensure that both our East Lansing administrative office and our Hikone campus are safe areas for all members of our broad community. As always, we look forward to hosting students from different backgrounds, countries, gender identities, communities, and institutions, and remain steadfast in our belief that this diversity is what makes JCMU (and the world as a whole) so amazing.

We ask all members of our JCMU community to look out for one another during these troubling times. By accepting each other with open hearts and open minds, we will fight back against the hate we see in the world.