Summertime Explorations – Summer 2018 Events

If you study abroad with JCMU, you can participate in a wide array of activities at our campus and in the Shiga area. To showcase just how much you can do in Hikone, our Student Services Coordinator, Yasuhiko Harada, created a list of events/activities that Summer Intensive Language students participated in this year.

The Summer Intensive Language program has come and gone, running from early June through early August. However, students on the program were able to participate in a ton of activities during their time in Hikone! From visiting ancient temples & shrines to participating in a traditional tea ceremony, discover all that our students did over the course of the 2018 summer language program.

Events at JCMU

June 4th

Move-in day

Arrival day.jpg
Students arrive in Japan

June 5th

Arrival orientation

June 6th

Japanese language placement test

June 7th

First day of class

Hikone bike tour
–  Led by Shiga University students

June 8th

Homestyle cooking lesson
–  Led by members of the Hikone International Association

Cooking lesson.jpg
Learning to cook Japanese food

June 9th

English speaking practice with locals from Hikone

June 11th – 13th

Eastern Michigan University Program Development staff stop by JCMU

June 12th

Mandatory fire drill
–  Led by the Hikone Fire Department


June 15th

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Kado: Japanese-style flower arrangement

Long-term homestays begin

Students try their hands at kado

June 16th

Minakuchi East High School English practice session

Gohanya Kumakuma party

June 20th

English program Wednesday night activity
–  Game night: “Minute to Win It”

June 22nd

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Koto: Traditional Japanese harp

Playing the koto

June 23rd

Open lecture at JCMU
–  Speaker: Yasuo Yamamoto, JICA

June 29th

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Elementary school visitation

June 30th – July 2nd

Weekend homestays

July 2nd

Dinner with Shiga University students
–  At the Shiga University cafeteria

Dinner with Shiga students.jpg
A cross-cultural cafeteria experience

July 6th

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Kenbu: Traditional sword dance
–  What is kenbu?

July 11th

English program Wednesday night activity
–  Drama night

Drama night.jpg
Dramatic poses for a dramatic night

July 13th

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Aikido: Modern martial art

Learning aikido techniques

July 16th

National holiday: Umi no Hi (Marine Day)
–  No class!

July 20th

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Chado: Traditional tea ceremony

Trying traditional matcha

July 23rd

Open lecture at JCMU
–  Speaker: Mayumi Ishida, Dartmouth College

July 27th

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Shodo: The art of Japanese calligraphy

August 3rd

Last day of class

August 4th

Final exams

August 5th

2018 Summer Intensive Language program closing ceremonies

Closing ceremony reception.jpg
Closing ceremonies – reception

August 6th

Departure day


Events in the Hikone/Shiga Area

Beginning in June: Hydrangea season

The beginning of summer marked the start of hydrangea season in Shiga! There were plenty of places near JCMU that students could visit to see the beautiful flowers in bloom:

Mimuroto-ji (temple in Kyoto)
Fujinomori (shrine in Kyoto)
Moriyama Ashikarien Hydrangea Field (in Moriyama, Shiga)

June 14th – 15th

Yasaka Shrine Mikagura Hono and Rei-sai (large festival)
–  Location: Yasaka Shrine is Located at the east end of Shijyo street in Kyoto

June 16th

Lake Wind Summer Festival
–  Location: University of Shiga Prefecture

June 17th

Hikone morning farmers market

Seiryo-ji Temple Zen Practice
–  Buddhist vegan lunch provided after zazen practice

Example of zazen practice (taken at JCMU in 2017)

Until June 30th

Rosanberry Tawada Garden Fair

July 1st – 30th

Gion Matsuri in Kyoto
–  One of the most famous traditional festivals held in Japan
–  Yamahoko Junko: the most famous event of Gion Matsuri
–  Coincides with Yoiyama Festival in Kyoto (held at night)

July 3rd – September 26th

Special exhibition: Hmong Embroideries
–  Located at the Shiga University Museum
–  Who are the Hmong?

July 5th

JCMU group field trip (group 1)
–  Sobauchi experience at Chitose Ann in Taga

Students learning how to make sobauchi

July 5th – August 1st

Special exhibition: New Wood Print Art – Beautiful Japanese Sites
–  Located at Museum “Eki” Kyoto

July 6th

Tanabata Festival
–  Located at Shiga University

July 7th

Chosho-in Zen Temple zazen practice
–  Located in Downtown Hikone
–  What is zazen?

July 14th

JCMU group field trip
–  Visiting Byodo-in and To-ji in Uji

Uji trip.jpg
Historic sightseeing near Kyoto

June 15th

Hikone morning farmers market

Seiryo-ji Temple Zen Practice
–  Buddhist vegan lunch provided after zazen practice

Takamiya Fireworks Festival

July 19th

JCMU group field trip (group 2)
–  Sobauchi experience at Chitose Ann in Taga

July 21st

Hikone Yukata Festival
–  Located on Yume Kyobashi Castle Road Next to Hikone Castle
–  What are yukata?

13. Rebecca Phoenix (3)
Students ready to go in their own yukata!

Until July 22nd

Special exhibition: 150th Anniversary of Taikan Yokoyama’s birth
–  Located at the National Museum of Modern Art in Okazaki Park, Kyoto
–  Who is Taikan Yokoyama?

July 27th

Chosho-in Zen Temple zazen practice
–  Located in Downtown Hikone

Nagahama, Northern Biwako Fireworks Festival

July 28th

JCMU group field trip
–  Visiting the cities of Nagahama and Tane

The 41st Birdman Contest
–  Located at Matsubara Beach, right next to JCMU

August 1st

Hikone Fireworks Festival
–  Located at Matsubara Beach, right next to JCMU

Japanese fireworks display

August 4th

Million Lantern Festival
–  Located at Taga Grand Shinto Shrine

Summer Night Festival
–  Located at Hikone Ginza, Chuo Street, Noborimachi Green Street, and Riverside Hashimo Street

August 6th

Floating Million Lantern to Seri River
–  For sending off the spirits of the dead along the gentle river stream

Until August 19th

Matsubara Beach by JCMU is open for swimming

23. Yongkang Li (6).jpeg
Is there a more beautiful place to swim than Lake Biwa?

Until August 21st

Lilies in bloom at Hakodate Yama Lily Park
–  Located at the National Museum of Modern Art in Okazaki Park, Kyoto
–  Who is Taikan Yokoyama?

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