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If you study abroad with JCMU, you can participate in a wide array of activities at our campus and in the Shiga area. To showcase just how much you can do in Hikone, our Student Services Coordinator, Yasuhiko Harada, created a list of events/activities that students participated over the month.

The spring semester is now well underway, and that means that there were all sorts of activities that our students could participate in! From banging on Japanese drums to Valentine’s Day events in Hikone, discover all that our students were up to in February.

Events at JCMU

February 2nd

Weekly Japanese exam

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Japanese drum (wadaiko/taiko): Bang to the beat with a traditional Japanese drum

Friday Japanese cultural activity: Japanese drum

February 7th

English program Wednesday night activity
–  Drama Night: To be, or not to be? Get your drama queen on together with our Japanese students learning English at JCMU.

Drama night
English program Wednesday night activity: Drama night

February 8th

Weekly Japanese exam

February 9th

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Japanese elementary school visit: Play games with local Shiga youngsters in their classrooms

Long-term homestays begin

February 11th

Japanese National holiday: Foundation Day

February 12th

Foundation Day observed
–  No class!

February 13th – 16th

Several rooms will be cleaned in preparation for Kokunai Ryugaku students
–  Intensive English language program for Japanese college students

February 16th

Kalamazoo College ICRP students depart JCMU’s campus

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Tea ceremony (sadou): Participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, and try real matcha tea

Tea ceremony.JPG
Friday Japanese cultural project: Tea ceremony

February 16th – 18th

Weekend homestays
–  Live with a Japanese family for a weekend

February 19th

Welcome snack party for Kokunai Ryugaku students

February 19th to March 2nd

Kokunai Ryugaku program 1st term

February 21st

English program Wednesday night activity
–  Game Night

Game night.JPG
English program Wednesday night activity: Game night

February 23rd

Weekly Japanese exam

Japanese Culture & Society elective course activity
–  Learning to play the koto (traditional Japanese harp)

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Sword dance: Practice and learn the way of the sword

Sword night
Friday Japanese cultural activity: Sword dance

February 24th

“Japan and Nature” field trip
–  To the Nobi Plains

February 27th

Mid-term grade distribution

February 28th

English Program Wednesday Night Activity
–  Movie Night


Events in the Hikone/Shiga Area

January 10th to March 11th

Nagahama Bonbai (Japanese plum tree) Festival
–  Located at Keiun-Kaku near JR Nagahama Station
–  The air in the building will be filled with the alluring smell of plum trees!

January 11th to February 6th

Special exhibition: Seals of the Ii Family
–  Location: Hikone Castle Museum
–  The Ii Family is the clan that founded Hikone and lived in Hikone Castle
–  Admission is free for all JCMU students with JCMU ID card

January 20th to March 4th

Special exhibition: Van Gogh and Japan
–  Location: Kyoto Museum of Modern Art

January 26th to February 5th

New exhibition of Nihonga at the Kyoto Station Museum
–  Location: JR Isetan Department Museum 7th floor
–  What is Nihonga?

February 3rd

Taga-taisha Setsubun Festival
–  Train ticket will be provided by JCMU

Taga Taisha
JCMU students visiting Taga-taisha for the Setsubun Festival

February 3rd – 4th

Nagahama Plum-Sake (Umeshu) Festival
–  Location: Nagahama Keiunkaku near JR Nagahama Station
–  The area will be filled with the lovely sweet-sour smell of plum trees!

February 9th to March 6th

Special exhibition: Hina dolls and Hina doll items
–  Location: Hikone Castle Museum
–  Admission is free for all JCMU students with JCMU ID card

February 10th

Valentine’s Day event at 15 restaurants on Castle Road and Yoban-Machi Square
–  For a 2,500 yen advance payment (or 3,000 yen day-of payment), you can stop by 4 restaurants out of 15, and use the ticket for 1 drink and 1 small entree/dessert

Hikone VD.JPG
Valentine’s Day restaurant event specials on Castle Road and Yoban-Machi Square in Hikone

February 10th – 14th

Hikone Flowery Lentin Festival
–  Location: Yume-Kyobashi Castle Road and Yonban-Machi Square

February 11th

Opera performance: Haensel and Gretel
–  Location: Biwako Hall in Otsu
–  Student ticket: 2,000 yen

Starting February 14th

Special exhibition: “Kyoto: Sleeping under foot”
–  Location: Kyoto University Anthropology Museum
–  Archeological exhibition from Asuka to Muromachi Period

February 17th

Hikone Small Farmers Market
–  Location: Shiga Gokoku Shinto Shrine near Hikone Castle

Until March 4th

Special exhibition: “Spring has Come: Glass Hina dolls”
–  Location: Kurokabe Square

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