The Beauty of Autumn in Shiga – November 2017 Events

If you study abroad with JCMU, you can participate in a wide array of activities at our campus and in the Shiga area. To showcase just how much you can do in Hikone, our Student Services Coordinator, Yasuhiko Harada, created a list of events/activities that students participated in last month.

The temperatures are cooling and the colors of leaves are changing, making November a beautiful time to explore Japan! From a JCMU Thanksgiving dinner to nature walks through historic parts of Shiga, discover all that our students were up to last month.

Events at JCMU

November 2nd

8th weekly Japanese exam

Our fall 2017 1st year Japanese language students

November 3rd

National holiday: Culture Day
–  No class!

November 6th

TOEFL class for Japanese college students
–  JCMU students are welcome to attend and help in class

November 10th

9th weekly Japanese exam

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Calligraphy: practice the art of kanji

Kyoto Koko Women’s University International Party

November 13th

TOEFL class for Japanese college students
–  JCMU students are welcome to attend and help in class

November 15th

Special presentation on the history and style of acupuncture
–  By Dr. Eric Michaelsen, 2007 JCMU alum

English Program Wednesday Night Activity
–  Drama Night: come one, come all to this night of dramatic language learning

November 16th

10th weekly Japanese exam

November 17th

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Elementary school visit: play games with schoolkids and observe what Japanese classrooms look like

6. Maxwell Fisher (1).jpg
Say “chiizu!” (photo by Maxwell Fisher, JCMU fall 2017 student)

November 20th

Cooking night at the JCMU dorm with Shiga University School of Education students

November 23rd

National holiday: Labor Thanksgiving Day
–  No class!

November 24th

11th weekly Japanese exam

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Interviewing in Japanese: community members will be in attendance to practice their formal English skills and help JCMU students practice their formal Japanese

JCMU Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
–  Meal prepared by JCMU staff and students

Das food
Turkey Day dinner at JCMU

November 27th

TOEFL class for Japanese college students
–  JCMU students are welcome to attend and help in class


Events in the Hikone/Shiga Area

14. Emma Mullenax (1).JPG
Autumn colors can be seen all around Japan this month (photo by Emma Mullenax, JCMU fall 2017 student)

Throughout the month of November

It’s fall, and that means that leaves are now taking on new colors. Below are some great historical temples and shrines where you can take in the beauty of autumn.

In Shiga:
Hie Taisha
Himure Hachimangu Shinto Shrine
Hiezan Enryaku-ji

In Kyoto:
Kibune Shinto Shrine

13. Maxwell Fisher (5).jpg
Autumn leaves at To-ji (photo by Maxwell Fisher, JCMU fall 2017 student)

November 3rd

Hikone Castle Festival Parade
– Held at and around the grounds of Hikone Castle

From November 3rd on

Harunobu Suzuki’s Ukiyoe Special Exhibition at Nagoya Boston Museum of Fine Art

Until November 5th

Hokkoku Kaido Ando family Koran-House special opening
– The house is located in the Nagahama Kurokabe area
– If you’ve never been to Nagahama before, make sure to check it out!

November 11th and 12th

University of Shiga Prefecture school festival

Until November 13th

The 69th Shosoin Special Exhibition at the Nara National Museum
– At the Nara Deer Park
– What is Shosoin?

November 18th

“Mime a la carte” Pantomime show and workshop
– Held at the Hikone Bunka Plaza
– Free tickets are available!

November 18th and 19th

Seisen University School Festival: “Mansei Sai”

Downtown Hikone Shopping Street Festival

16. Mikolaj Firlej.jpg
A beautiful look at the shopping festival (photo by Mikolaj Firlej, JCMU fall 2017 student)

November 19th

Hikone Farmers Market
– At Shiga Gokoku Shinto Shrine

Seiryo-ji Temple zazen practice

November 23rd through December 3rd

Ohama Goten (Ii family’s summer house) winter opening
– Free admission
– There are many maple trees and other broad-leaved trees here. During this time of the year, the changing colors are truly something to behold here.

November 24th

Choshoin Zen Temple: Nighttime zen practice

Until November 26th

Kawarake Throwing Competition
– Held on Chikubushima

JCMU students in attendance at the Kawarake Throwing Competition

Alfons Mucha’s Women Special Exhibition at Museum Eki Kyoto

Chomeiji Temple “Inside a Pagoda” Special Exhibition

Until November 28th

“From Naotora to Naomasa” Special Exhibition at the Hikone Castle Museum

Until December 3rd

Murasaki Shikibu Exhibition at Ishiyama Temple

Until December 10th

Hikone 410 years Anniversary Festival

Hieizan Enryakuji Temple special opening
– Hieizan Enryakuji temple is very important temple in the history of Japanese Buddhism

The Age of Okamoto Shinso Special Exhibition at the Kyoto Museum of Modern Art

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