Shiga Frights and Autumn Delights – October 2017 Events

If you study abroad with JCMU, you can participate in a wide array of activities at our campus and in the Shiga area. To showcase just how much you can do in Hikone, our Student Services Coordinator, Yasuhiko Harada, created a list of events/activities that students participated in last month.

The spooky month of October is one of our favorite times of the year! From the big JCMU Halloween celebrations to autumn moon watching events, discover all that our students were up to last month.

Events at JCMU

October 2nd

Fall semester field trip orientation

Monthly birthday snack party at JCMU dorm entrance lounge

Some community internships for interested JCMU students begin

October 6th

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Kimono: learn how to wear traditional Japanese garments

Fall students in kimono
Fall students in kimono

October 7th

Fall excursion to Heian Shrine

Students in the beautiful gardens of Heian Shrine
Students in the beautiful gardens of Heian Shrine

October 10th

Hikone Chamber of Commerce & Industry party
–  At Kampono Yado Hikone
–  All students are invited to attend!

Hikone Chamber of Commerce party
Hikone Chamber of Commerce party

October 11th

English Program Wednesday Night Activity
–  Game night: nothing spurs communication between our Japanese and American students than some good spirited competition

October 13th

5th Japanese weekly exam of the fall semester

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Naginata: learn from local clubs how to wield a traditional Japanese staff

Fall students holding naginata
Fall students holding naginata

October 14th

Sweet potato picking!

Two students having fun in the farm
Two students having fun in the farm

Gohanya Kumakuma Party in downtown Hikone

Kumakuma party!
Kumakuma party!

Shiga University School of Education CIS camp in Omihachiman

October 16th

Monthly snack party~

TOEFL Class at Large Conference room
–  This is for Japanese students, but students interested in helping them learn English are welcome!

October 20th

Weekend homestays begin for some students, and last through the 22nd

6th Japanese weekly exam of the fall semester

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Japanese sign language: learn the basics of another country’s sign

Practicing Japanese sign with Hiraku
Practicing Japanese sign with Hiraku

October 22nd

“Dragon’s Island Chikubushima” Kawarake Throwing World Championship
–  16 JCMU students and staff were invited to attend

One student got a chance to try throwing in the kawarake event
One student got a chance to try throwing in the kawarake event

October 23rd

TOEFL Class at Large Conference room

October 27th

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Halloween party preparation: decorate the halls and walls of JCMU, and help show the Hikone community what Halloween is all about~

Jack o' lanterns - JCMU style!
Jack o’ lanterns – JCMU style!

JCMU annual Halloween parties!
–  Every year, JCMU hosts not one, but two big Halloween parties!
–  Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Japan, so it serves as a great way to encourage community members of all ages to dress up, come out to our campus, and learn just what an American Halloween celebration looks like

4:30pm – 6pm: Family & children Halloween party

JCMU Family-oriented Halloween party~
JCMU Family-oriented Halloween party~

7pm – 8:30pm: College & adult Halloween party

JCMU College Halloween party~
JCMU College Halloween party~

October 28th

JCMU Open Lecture
–  “Internationalizing University Education is not an Option but an Imperative”
–  by Prof. John K. Hudzik, Michigan State University

October 30th

TOEFL Class at Large Conference room

Events in the Hikone/Shiga Area

Every Saturday & Sunday in October

Nighttime moon watching at the Hikone Castle Genkyu-en Japanese Garden
– JCMU students get free admission
– Enjoy the beautiful autumn night sky above Hikone Castle

From October 3rd

National Treasure Special Exhibition at the Kyoto National Museum

June 21st to October 8th

Special exhibition at the Kyoto University Museum
– Exhibition title: “The history of zoological science study at Kyoto University according to zoological and botanical specimen”

October 7th to 8th

Otsu Matsuri (Festival)
–  One of the biggest festivals in Shiga!
–  Right in the prefecture’s capitol

Otsu Matsuri yomiya (photo by まさお)
Otsu Matsuri yomiya (photo by まさお)

October 7th to 9th

Maibara-Hikiyama Matsuri (Festival)
–  Similar to the Otsu Matsuri, but within biking distance!

October 9th

Nagahama Shussei Matsuri (Festival)
–  Held at Toyokuni Shinto Shrine in the Kurokabe area near JR Nagahama Station
–  There will be a Samurai Parade!

Until October 11th

Special exhibition at the Hikone Castle Museum
Exhibition title: Miyabina Asobi (Gracious Play)

July 18th to October 15th

Special Exhibition at the National Museum of Art, Osaka
– Collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Bruegel’s “The Tower of Babel”

Until October 15th

Special Exhibition at the Nagoya-Boston Museum
– Exhibition title: “Parisienne”

October 20th to 21st

Osaka Outdoor Yoga Festival in Nakanoshima Island

October 29th

Hikone Castle Yabusame by Hikone Castle
– What is Yabusume?

Yabusame (photo by 江戸村のとくぞう)

SL (Steam Locomotive) Kitabiwako run
– You can see it from JR Maibara Station, and ride on the train. It’s a lot of fun! 

Until month of November

Seta River Cruise and Music

Until November 5th

Hokkoku Kaido Ando family Koran-House special opening
– The house is located in the Nagahama Kurokabe area
– If you’ve never been to Nagahama before, make sure to check it out!

October 28th to November 13th

The 69th Shosoin Special Exhibition at the Nara National Museum
– At the Nara Deer Park
– What is Shosoin?

October 14th to November 26th

Alfons Mucha’s Women Special Exhibition at Museum Eki Kyoto

Chomeiji Temple “Inside a Pagoda” Special Exhibition

Chomeiji Temple (photo by 日:Jnn)

Until November 28th

“From Naotora to Naomasa” Special Exhibition at the Hikone Castle Museum

Until December 3rd

Murasaki Shikibu Exhibition at Ishiyama Temple

Until December 10th

Hikone 410 years Anniversary Festival

Hieizan Enryakuji Temple special opening
– Hieizan Enryakuji temple is very important temple in the history of Japanese Buddhism

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