S-curry on over for food: A short list of curry and Thai restaurants in Hikone

Want to learn more about the many food options available to you in Hikone? Want to eat like a curry king? Then check out this short list of curry and Thai restaurants put together by our current JCMU student intern in Japan, Moe Hayashi!

In Hikone now? You can map out your curry adventure to these four restaurants using the custom Google map at the bottom of the page.

Today I am going to write about curry and Thai food in Hikone. We don’t have a lot of curry restaurants in Hikone, but the ones we do have are all tasty! If you’re ever in Hikone, I highly recommend you go to these places to eat curry:

1. サプナ (Sapuna)

The nan bread at Sapuna (original image here)

This popular curry restaurant has huge, delicious nan bread! They also have inexpensive lunch specials, so it’s a great place to get a lot of tasty curry without breaking the bank. You can choose how spicy your curry is too, so you will undoubtedly like this place regardless of your own spice tolerance level!


2. ナマステ・ネパール (Namasute Nepaaru)

This easy-to-find restaurant is located right on Bell Road. This place also has lunch at a great price and it is very popular. This restaurant opened one year ago, so it is pretty new and clean! You definitely should check it out!


3. ココ壱番屋 (COCO Ichibanya)

One of the many options at COCO. Not to be confused with Coco’s!

This is a big chain curry restaurant, and I am glad we have one in Hikone! They have a lot of items on their menu so you can have something different every time. Thanks to that, you will never get tired of this place!


4. トゥクトゥク (Tukutuku)

This is the only Thai restaurant in Hikone. When you feel like eating something different than usual, you should go here! It is nearby Kawase station and is a wonderful place to go for food.


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