The First Days of Fall in Shiga – September 2017 Events

If you study abroad with JCMU, you can participate in a wide array of activities at our campus and in the Shiga area. To showcase just how much you can do in Hikone, our Student Services Coordinator, Yasuhiko Harada, created a list of events/activities that students participated in last month.

September is the start of sweater weather in Shiga Prefecture, but that just means it’s the perfect temperature to get out and explore the area! From the start of the fall semester program to practicing zen at a nearby temple, discover all that our students were up to last month.

Events at JCMU

September 4th

Fall/Academic Year Language & Culture program students arrive in Hikone!

Kokunai Ryugaku program starts
–  For Japanese students studying English at JCMU in Hikone

Welcome to Japan, everyone!

September 5th

Language & Culture program general orientation

Homestay Information Session
–  Both weekend and long-term homestays available

Welcome snack party
–  For both Japanese and English language students

So many snacks to choose from…

September 6th

Japanese class orientation, placement exam
–  Results posted later in the day

Homestay interviews start
–  For students interested in a long-term homestay

September 7th

First day of Japanese class

Internship information session
–  JCMU offers unpaid community internships available to all Language & Culture program students
–  Great opportunity to immerse yourself in the Hikone community, improve your Japanese, and bolster your resume!
–  Internships in the past have included English language classrooms, grocery stores, and more

Homestay interviews continue
–  For students interested in a long-term homestay

September 8th

JCMU Fall Semester Opening Ceremony

Michigan-Shiga 50th Anniversary Ceremony

September 11th

Maibara High School English session
–  Local high school students meet with semester study abroad students

Biwako Broadcasting Company (BBC) interview

Maxwell Fisher (3) - JUDGES' CHOICE.jpg
Maibara High School students learned a lot from our American study abroad-ers

September 12th

Mandatory fire drill
–  Hosted by the Hikone Fire Department

September 13th

English Program Wednesday Night Activity
–  Speed friending! Our Japanese and American participants were brought together to learn more about each other.

Speed friending: success!

September 15th

1st Japanese weekly exam

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Learn about and create your own Kado arrangement (Japanese-style flower arrangement)

Hiraku joined in on the kado fun

September 17th

Aya Watanabe Lecture/Soprano recital at Hikone Bunka Plaza
–  She will do an outreach concert (free) at JCMU Apple hall from 4PM
–  Ms. Watanabe is JCMU Student Services Coordinator Yasuhiko Harada’s voice teacher!

Thank you for your wonderful performance, Ms. Watanabe!

September 18th

National Holiday: Respect for the Aged Day
–  No class!

September 22nd

2nd Japanese weekly exam

Long-term homestays start

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Learning to play the koto (Japanese traditional harp)

Learning how to play the koto, right at JCMU

September 25th

Trip to Hikone Castle, Genkyuen garden


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September 28th

Job shadowing (one day internships)
–  Organized by the Hikone Chamber of Commerce and Industry

September 29th

3rd Japanese weekly exam

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Participating in a Japanese tea ceremony

Japanese tea ceremonies follow a certain formula, and are fascinating to watch

Events in the Hikone/Shiga Area

Until September 2nd

Ohmi Rail Way Beer Train

September 9th

Michigan-Shiga 50th Anniversary Ceremony
– At the Otsu Prince Hotel

Korei Festival
– At the Taga Grand Shinto Shrine

Taga Grand Shinto Shrine

September 10th

Zen practice at Seiryoji Temple near Hikone Station
– Admission is free with prior reservation!
– Includes a tea ceremony, kyogen (Japanese traditional comedy theater), zazen practice, and a tea celebration

September 17th

“Kimono de LUNCH” event in Otsu
– 5800 yen total, and includes: kimono wearing experiences, specially prepared lunch, and a ride on the Michigan Boat on Lake Biwa

Farmers market at Shiga Gokoku Shinto Shrine
– In front of Hikone Castle

Zen practice at Seiryoji Temple near Hikone Station

September 28th

Choushoin Temple nightime zazen practice

Some of our students attended this zazen practice session

June 21st to October 8th

Special exhibition at the Kyoto University Museum
– Exhibition title: “The history of zoological science study at Kyoto University according to zoological and botanical specimen”

Until October 11th

Special exhibition at the Hikone Castle Museum
Exhibition title: Miyabina Asobi (Gracious Play)

July 18th to October 15th

Special Exhibition at the National Museum of Art, Osaka
– Collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Bruegel’s “The Tower of Babel”

Until October 15th

Special Exhibition at the Nagoya-Boston Museum
– Exhibition title: “Parisienne”

Until month of November

Seta River Cruise and Music

Until November 5th

Hokkoku Kaido Ando family Koran-House special opening
– The house is located in the Nagahama Kurokabe area
– If you’ve never been to Nagahama before, make sure to check it out!

Until December 3rd

Murasaki Shikibu Exhibition at Ishiyama Temple

Ishiyama Temple

Until December 10th

Hikone 410 years Anniversary Festival

Hieizan Enryakuji Temple special opening
– Hieizan Enryakuji temple is very important temple in the history of Japanese Buddhism

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