Introducing new students to Hikone (and Hiraku!) – JCMU at study abroad fairs


It’s the start of fall, and you know what that means: study abroad fair season!

This month, we traveled to Eastern Michigan University, Albion College, Central Michigan University, and more in the hopes of encouraging students from across the state to study abroad in Hikone.

This was also the first year that Hiraku is attending these events with us. At first, he was really nervous about speaking to so many people, as sometimes thousands of students are in attendance.

Hiraku's Horror!
Don’t be scared, Hiraku!

But as it turned out, Hiraku’s cuteness made him popular among the students. They all encouraged him to keep doing his best and to fight on! Thanks to their help, he was able to settle in and talk about what he loves most: being a cute borb (bird-orb) studying in Japan.

Hiraku excitedly flapped his wings while telling new students about all of the amazing programs JCMU has to offer. From Japanese language to history, 2-week courses to full academic year programs, we offer a whole slew of different courses that our prospective students were excited to learn more about. Plus, since you don’t need to know any Japanese to go to JCMU, everyone from all majors are welcome to study alongside Hiraku in Japan.

If you met Hiraku at one of our fairs, he would like to thank you for being so nice to him, and he hopes that you will consider visiting him at JCMU! You can learn more about our programs by visiting the JCMU website.

Hiraku’s had a lot of fun so far, but he’s not done: next month, he’ll be at the University of Michigan, Grand Valley State University, and more. If you will be at one of these fairs, then he looks forward to meeting you there!

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