Beating the Heat at JCMU – July 2017 Events

If you study abroad with JCMU, you can participate in a wide array of activities at our campus and in the Shiga area. To showcase just how much you can do in Hikone, our Student Services Coordinator, Yasuhiko Harada, created a list of events/activities that students participated in this last July.

July is one of the hottest months of the year in Shiga, but that didn’t stop everyone in Hikone from participating in a wide variety of activities both at JCMU and in the community! From swimming in Lake Biwa to feeding the deer of Nara, discover all that our students were up to last month.

Events at JCMU

July 7th

Today is the Tanabata Star Festival!
–  What is Tanabata?

Friday Japanese cultural activitiy
–  Participate in an authentic Japanese tea ceremony!
–  What is a Japanese tea ceremony?

We have our own tea ceremony room on JCMU’s Hikone campus

July 12th

English Program Wednesday Night Activity
–  Drama Night in Apple Hall

July 14th

Second Midterm exam
–  For the Summer Intensive Language program

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Introduction to basic Aikido techniques

Visiting professor lecture/workshop
–  By Professors Hanai and Emori from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

July 15th

JCMU summer field trip to Nara
–  Nara is one of Japan’s ancient capitals!
–  Some of the most famous temples in Japan are in Nara, including Todaiji
–  Nara is also famous for its tame, pettable deer population!

Nina Dermody (3).jpg
The deer of Nara are so used to humans, you can have them eat snacks right out of your hands!

July 17th

National Holiday: Day of the Sea (海の日)
–  No class!

July 21st

Friday Japanese cultural activity
Zazen in Soto Zen Sect Style
–  What is Zazen?

July 26th

Children’s English Program
–  Adventure Time

July 28th

Japanese Final Oral presentation
–  For the Summer Intensive Language program

Friday Japanese cultural activity
–  Learning how to wear a kimono (kitsuke)

Lily McCormick (1) (VOTE WINNER)
2017 JCMU Summer Intensive Language students wearing kimono

Events in the Hikone/Shiga Area

Happening now: Season of hydrangea!

What are hydrangeas?

These locations feature blooming hydrangeas:
– Mimurotoji Temple in Kyoto
– Fujinomori Shinto Shrine in Kyoto
– Moriyama Ashikarien Hydrangea Field in Moriyama City, Shiga

Yige Qu.JPG
JCMU Summer Intensive Language checking out the beautiful hydrangeas

From July 2nd

Nagahama Daitsu-ji temple Gechu
– Nagahama Daitsu-ji temple is located in Nagahama Kurokabe Area
– There will be a summer festival, with many street stalls

July 7th

Shiga University Hikone Campus Tanabata Festival

Jisyu Shinto Shrine Tanabata Festival in Kyoto
–  What is Tanabata?

July 1st to the 15th

Kibune Shinto Shrine Tanabata festival Lighten-up

July 1st to the 16th

Senbon Enma Do Wind Festival in Kyoto

July 22nd

Hikone Yukata Festival

Ouji Yasuda tenor recital concert

Fushimi Inari Shinto Shrine Motomiya Festival 

Christina Rinvelt; Grand Valley State University; Statistics, Criminal Justice.jpg
Fushimi Inari is one of the most famous shrines in Japan – and it’s really close to JCMU in Hikone!

April 15th to July 23rd

Symphony of Bakuzan Sakaki and Shisyu at Nara Prefectural Museum of Art
– Who is Bakuzan Sakaki?

July 1st to July 30th

Gion-Matsuri festival
– One of the most famous traditional festivals in Kyoto.

July 21st (Friday) to 30th

Shimogamo Shinto Shrine Mitarashi (washing feet) Festival

Until August 6th

Special Exhibition at the Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art
– Exhibition title: “High Jewelry”

July 15th to August 16th

Matsubara Beach (near JCMU campus) now open for swimming!

Nothing’s better than an evening swim in Lake Biwa

July 8th to August 28th

Special Exhibition at Osaka Museum of History
– Exhibition title: “Grand Sumo and Japanese Sword”

From July 5th till September 2nd

Ohmi Rail Way Beer Train

June 21st to October 8th

Special Exhibition at the Kyoto University Museum
– Exhibition title: “The history of zoological science study at Kyoto University according to zoological and botanical specimen”

July 18th to October 15th

Special Exhibition at the National Museum of Art, Osaka
Collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Bruegel’s “The Tower of Babel”

Until October 15th

Special Exhibition at the Nagoya-Boston Museum
– Exhibition title: “Parisienne”

Until November

Seta River Cruise and Music

March 18 to December 10th

Hikone 410 years Anniversary Festival

Hikone Castle

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