Early Summer Activity Bonanza! – May 2017 Events

If you study abroad with JCMU, you can participate in a wide array of activities at our campus and in the Shiga area. To showcase just how much you can do in Hikone, our Student Services Coordinator, Yasuhiko Harada, created a list of events/activities that students participated in this last May.

May is always a busy time for JCMU, as our various short summer programs come all at once to experience Hikone. The programs are heavily travel-oriented, so they were largely out and about. This includes a trip to Hiroshima for our Teaching English (TEJ) and Health & Culture (HCJ) students, which proved to be both a harrowing, yet important experience. HCJ students also got a chance to visit the World Health Organization Kobe Centre.

Outside of class, Harada-san made sure that they knew of what immersive community opportunities they could check out! From beautiful festivals to special historical exhbitions, students had plenty of opportunities to immerse themselves in the local Japanese community. Learn more about what students could do below!

Events at JCMU

April 29th – May 5th

Golden Week holidays!
– April 29th: Showa Day
– May 3rd: Constitution Memorial Day
– May 4th: Greenery Day
– May 5th: Children’s Day

May 10th

Wednesday Night Activity with English program students
– Mystery night!


JCMU May students arrive! Includes:
– Sports & Society
– Intercultural Business Communication
– Japanese Cultural Heritage
– Teaching English in Japan
– Health & Culture of Japan

Late May

HCJ students travel to the World Health Organization (WHO) Kobe Centre

TEJ, HCJ students travel to Hiroshima
– Includes a visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, lecture by an atomic bomb survivor

Students in front of Genbaku Dome (the Hiroshima Peace Memorial) – photo by instructor Dr. Taylor Atkins

May short programs conclude

May 31st

Wednesday Night Activity with English program students
– Art and creativity night



Events in the Hikone/Shiga Area


April 15th to May 7th

Waterhouse and Andrews Memorial Building special opening
– Two buildings built by M.W. Vories in Ohmi Hachiman will be opened for public
– Who is the architect, M.W. Vories?

April 29th to May 7th

Shigaraki Pottery Festival
– Take the JR train from Kusatsu to Kibugawa (Kusatsu Line) and transfer to the Shigaraki Kogen line.

Shigaraki tanuki

From the end of March to early May

Hikone Castle Town Prosperous Market
– Special Ohmi beef, boiled fish from Lake Biwa, Japanese sweets, pickles, Hikonyan (Hikone Castle kitty mascot) goods, and more are sold at this market. They are all “Made in Hikone” products.

Until May 8th

Saimyoji Temple pagoda opening

May 12th

Mikage Festival at Shimogamo Shinto Shrine
– Shimogamo Shinto Shrine is a UNESCO World Heritage site

Until May 14th

Special Exhibition of Hiroshige Utagawa at Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts
– Who is the woodblock print artist Hiroshige Utagawa?

Kyoto International Manga Museum
– Special Exhibition: “Drawing!” Manga Exhibition – Approach to the drawing technique: Line, frame, frame and character

May 14th

Shiga University Orchestra 8th Annual Concert
– At Hikone City Cultural Plaza Grand Hall

Ima-Hie Festival at Ima-Hie Shinto Shrine
– Take off at JR Kyoto Station. Take a Princess Line bus bound for Kyoto Women’s University, then get off at Kyoto Women’s University Station and walk 3 minutes to the festival.

Mid-April to Mid-May

Souji-ji Temple Peony Festival
– Souji-ji Temple is located in Nagahama, about a 10 minute walk from JR Nagahama Station.
– There are about 1000 different kinds of peony trees.


April 8th to May 20th

Hokkoku Kaido: Historical Ando Family House special exhibition
Korantei (small house) on display
– Admission is 400 yen
– The Ando family’s house was built between the Meiji and Taisho periods. As you can see on their webpage, there are historical gardens, well-designed old-style rooms, and more that you can witness there!

Until May 20th

Shinnyoji-Temple Special Exhibition
– Shinnyoji-Temple is located near Taga Shinto Shrine. Taga Shrine is very famous in Shiga.

Kongorinji-Temple Mandala Special Exhibition
– What is a “Mandala“?

Example of a mandala

April 11th to May 21st

Special Exhibition of Kaiho Yuusho at the Kyoto National Museum
– Who is Kaiho Yuusho?

May 28th

Kazu singer-songwriter concert
– At the Hikone Station Alplaza 6th Floor Shikisai Restaurant

April 8th to June 4th

Special exhibition at the Nara National Museum
–  “The Buddhist Master Sculptor Kaikei: Timeless Beauty from the Kamakura Period”
– Nara National Museum is located in Nara Park ( Deer Park). It takes about 10 minutes from Kintetsu Nara Station, and 20 minutes from JR Nara Station.
– Who and what is the sculptor “Kei group”?

Until June 4th

“Kirameki” Exhibition at Aiso-cho History and Culture Museum
– Modern Buddhist painting exhibition with traditional “gold painting” style
– Take a train until JR Inae Station, and take a bus from there and take off at Kongo-rinji Temple Station

Until June 11th

Lake Biwa Otsu House Spring Rose Festival

Nagahama Azaria Festival at Keiunkan

“Yes, We Love Cats Any Time!” Exhibition at Kyoto Culture Museum

Kyoto Culture Museum “Yes, We Love Cats Any Time” Exhibition

April 15th to July 23rd

Symphony of Bakuzan Sakaki and Shisyu at Nara Prefectural Museum of Art
– Bakuzan Sakaki is a famous Japanese calligrapher
– Nara Prefectural Museum of Art is located in Nara Park, next to the Nara Prefectural Government Office

Until November

Seta River Cruise and Music

March 18 to December 10th

Hikone 410 years Anniversary Festival

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