Autumn Life in Japan – November 2016 Events

If you study abroad with JCMU, you can participate in a wide array of activities at our campus and in the Shiga area! To showcase just how much you can do in Hikone, our Student Services Coordinator, Yasuhiko Harada, details the list of November activities in and around JCMU below. From Thanksgiving dinners to maple tree festivals, students shared their cultures with others while immersing themselves in the local Japanese community.

Events at JCMU

November 3rd

Culture Day (National Holiday)

November 4th

Friday Japanese Culture Project
–   Students learned how to make their own Japanese stamps

Kena Kids English Speech Contest

November 5th

JCMU field trip to Kyoto
–   There was a fall field trip to Kyoto Ohara Sanzenin and Uzumasa Movie Village. Both are highly rated destinations for tourists, so we encouraged all students to join us!

November 18th

Friday Japanese Culture Project
–   Interview activity with members of the Hikone community

Interview Session.jpg

November 23rd

Labor Thanksgiving Day (National Holiday)

November 25th

Friday Japanese Culture Project
–   Students learned and practiced calligraphy

JCMU Thanksgiving Dinner Party at Dorm Entrance Lobby
–   JCMU students, faculty, and staff were all welcomed to join us for a special Thanksgiving celebration at the JCMU Residence Hall lobby. We served a traditional American Turkey Day dinner, including stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, pies with ice cream, mixed vegetables, and (of course) turkey!

November 27th

Monthly snack party!

November 30th

Wednesday night activity with the English language program
–   Our last Wednesday night activity for the semester, Drama Night! Students learned about using video and theater, which allowed them practice Japanese and helped the Hikone community members with their English acting skills, too.


Events in and around Hikone

November to Early December

Maple Tree Festivals
–   There were a variety of “Maple Tree Festivals” in and around Shiga Prefecture during these times! Check the Shiga Tourism Official Website, Japan Guide, and Kyoto Visitor’s Guide for more information.


November 3rd

Hikone Castle Festival Parade at Hikone Castle and Castle Road

Bikwako Gakuin University School Festival

November 5th – 6th

Shiga University Hikone Campus School Festival

November 12th – 13th

University of Shiga Prefecture School Festival
–   The University of Shiga Prefecture (USP) is located about 20 minutes away from JCMU by bike. Students were encouraged to visit this festival – especially if they had yet to go to USP before!

November 12th – 27th

Light-up in the night time at Genkyu-en Japanese Garden at Hikone Castle

November 19th

Hiyoshi Grand Shrine Maple Festival

Student Services Coordinator Yasuhiko Harada sang at Siroyama Miya!

November 20th

Hikone Farmers’ Market at Shiga Prefecture Gokoku Shinto Shrine

Until November 27th

Kyoto National Museum Ryoma Sakamoto (Famous Samurai) special exhibition