One Student’s Experiences on the JCMU English Program

Chika Kitagawa is a student in our English Steps program at JCMU and an active participant in our Wednesday Nights activity series. This August, she also joined the intensive English summer booster program along with many other community members and local university students. Here are a few of her thoughts (in both English and Japanese) that she wanted to share from her journal on two days of her experiences in that program.

August 16th (Tuesday)


その後、「If The World Were 100 People」を題材にしてグループでグラフを作りました。形や色を考えるのは難しかったけれど、グループの人に手伝ってもらって一緒に考えて作れてよかったです。








August 18th (Thursday)


今日の午前中はDavid先生のLessonでした。まず最初に大きな単語の書いた大きなボードを使ってMy Scheduleをグループで1人ずつ言った後、プリントを使って文章を作ってその文を1人ずつ言いました。


David-sensei’s lesson was fun!



Lessonが終わってからChris先生に昨日の宿題の音読をほめてもらえて、とても嬉しかったです。その後、Wednesday Nightsのことやいろんなことを聞いていました。いつもよりも長くいられてうれしかったです。

August 16th (Tuesday)

Today was the second day of the program, and first in Mandy-sensei’s class we used a handout with marks on it and studied about an “infographic.” It was difficult, but a lot of fun.

Afterwards, we got into groups and created a graph based on the topic of “If the World Were 100 People.” Thinking of the type of graph and colors to use was hard, but it went well since the other members of the group helped me and together we were able to make it.

Lastly, we gave a presentation. I was very nervous since this was the first time I’ve ever done a presentation, but because I was able to complete it thanks to the help of my group members, I was happy. I was happy to be able to do new things for the first time today as well.


After this, I ate lunch. As was the case yesterday, it was fun since I talked with everyone while eating. Then, as we did after the presentation we high-fived each other. It made me very happy. I explained the reasoning behind my presentation.

David-sensei’s lesson was in the afternoon. First, we were shown cards with the names of various countries written on them, and from them we were to select 3 cards that we liked, and our group members spoke one person at a time about the 3 cards they picked.

After that, we placed our favorite country on their location on a map. Then, we chose a different picture and wrote about what we liked about it on a handout. Today’s lesson was also very fun.

Today was also a good day, as I many people helped me and I was able to have a great variety of experiences. Sumiko-san helped push my wheelchair for me back to my room, which I was grateful for. I am looking forward to tomorrow!


August 18th (Thursday)

Today is the fourth day of the intensive summer camp program.

This morning was David-sensei’s lesson. First, after using a large board with big vocabulary terms written on it to recite our schedules one group member at a time, we used a handout to write a sentence which we presented one at a time.

Next was Sam-sensei’s lesson. First was an activity where we drew a sentence card out of a pile and answered questions with the partner assigned to us. Then, we studied past and present tense forms. It was fun.

From the afternoon on it was Chris-sensei’s lesson, and first we checked the answers to our homework assignment. After that, we watched various commercials and discussed them in groups, where we wrote down our varied opinions on a handout. We then showed this to Chris-sensei. Lastly, we created our own stories. It was fun!

After the lesson ended, I received praise from Chris-sensei for my reading aloud of the previous day’s homework, which made me very happy. Afterwards, I heard about the Wednesday night activities and various other things. As always, I am happy that I have been able to stay for such a long period of time.

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