Intercultural Scavenger Hunt at JCMU!

JCMU encourages study abroad students in Hikone to do everything they can to fully immerse themselves in Japanese language and culture. As such, the center holds various events and activities that bring Japanese and non-Japanese citizens together to encourage cultural understanding between both sides. These exchange activities take a variety of forms – most recently, participants were tasked with completing a group scavenger hunt!

On the scavenger hunt, Japanese students and community members were paired up with our fall semester study abroad students and were asked to find various items around the center. It required everybody to work together and practice their Japanese and English language skills. More importantly though, it gave them all an opportunity to come closer together as a community. By working together in such a casual environment, they were all able to learn about each others’ unique quirks and personalities. It was thus a fun way for students to relax while still serving as a learning experience for them.

One of JCMU’s main goals is to integrate JCMU and its students into Hikone life. It is our hope that we are slowly achieving this by holding events such as this scavenger hunt. We are glad that both our students and members of the Japanese community had fun together, and we look forward to hosting more intercultural exchange opportunities in the future!

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