Summer Culture Exchange at JCMU

On July 2nd the Hikone Chamber of Commerce and Industry held its annual Summer Culture Exchange at JCMU. Students joined people from the community and chamber members in making their very own kotoyaki, a special type of glazed pottery made in Hikone. Students came up with a variety of designs but, unsurprisingly, Hikonyan won as the most popular! The activity gave students both the chance to interact with local community members and learn a unique part of Hikone’s culture.

1After the students put the final touches on their kotoyaki everyone went to the dorm where a variety of Japanese and American food was waiting for them. Students from Shiga University’s Juggling Club entertained everyone during dinner. After having some time to chat with chamber members, the students enjoyed a live concert by the Yoshie Ichikawa and Shinnosuke Sorimachi duo.

JCMU has held several of these events with the Hikone Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As with past iterations of the event, students and community members really enjoy this year’s . Christian O’Keefe, one of the students who attended the event, said that it was “A wonderful cross-cultural experience with the people of Hikone that presented opportunities for connection and friendship!”


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