Current Student Spotlight: JBSD Scholarship Winners

Chance Caballero and Nicolas Suarez were selected as recipients of the JBSD scholarship for the Fall 2015 semester at JCMU in Hikone, Japan. Having returned to America, both participants are grateful for the generosity of the JBSD, and look forward to sharing the experiences and insights they received while in Japan.

NicolasAs both a Neuroscience and Japanese Studies major, Nicolas is interested in the area of global health and hopes to work closely with Japan in the future. During his time at JCMU, Nicolas learned about the differences and similarities between the Japanese and American healthcare systems. He was able to listen to Japanese people’s opinions concerning the Japanese health system and global health problems, a topic he worked on for his final class project. Nicolas is also interested in Japanese fine arts and had the opportunity to play the koto at JCMU and see a bunraku performance in Osaka.


ChanceA senior enrolled at Wayne State University, Chance is aiming to complete dual Bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and Asian Studies. Originally having little interest in Japanese language, his outlook soon changed when he chose to study Japanese to fulfill his college’s language requirement. Since that time he has been intensively studying Japanese politics, history, and language. While at JCMU, Chance was able to visit and help local students with their English while they helped him improve his Japanese. He was also able to interact with current employees of the United States embassy in Japan and hopes to work there or perhaps a Consulate in Japan in the future.
In an increasingly global workplace, study abroad experience has become a crucial factor in improving one’s career opportunities. According to the Institute of International Education, “study abroad alumni find jobs sooner after graduation, related to their majors, and at a higher starting salary.” With additional benefits of cultural knowledge and acquiring a second language, study abroad is an important investment in students’ futures.

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