Event Spotlight: JCMU Receives JBSD Grant

JCMU recently received a grant from JBSD to help provide greater cultural immersion opportunities!

On December 4th 2015, JCMU Program Director Kate Simon and Program Coordinator Chad Cole attended an awards ceremony on behalf of JCMU to receive a $3500 grant from the Japan Business Society of Detroit (JBSD). For many years, JBSD has generously supported the educational efforts made by JCMU for many years, helping to make study abroad in Hikone more affordable for students from Michigan’s 15 public universities. This has allowed JCMU to provide students with unique cultural opportunities in Japan.

What is JBSD?

Founded in 1973, the Japanese Business Society of Detroit is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance understanding and mutual cooperation between American and Japanese businesses as well as the communities they serve. JBSD promotes this goal through community enhancement, supporting education, and funding research. They support philanthropic activities that bring Michigan and Japan closer together, and about 400 Japanese companies from South East Michigan are a part of the organization.


What is the purpose of the grant?

The grant will be used to fund a variety of Japanese cultural experiences that JCMU looks to provide their students. This includes field trips to historic sites in Shiga Prefecture and cultural workshops that include introductions to martial arts, tea ceremonies, and kimono dressing that allow students to connect what they learn in the classroom to the local community.

The grant will also be used to fund the annual JCMU Bunkasai (cultural festival), an event organized by the JCMU spring semester and academic year students. Last year the event featured dances, performances, skits, and activities for children that further connected the students to the local Hikone community. Current academic year students are aiming for next year’s JCMU Bunkasai to be bigger and better than ever!


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