JCMU Summer Students Practice the Traditional Japanese art of Kembu

_MG_0358Kembu is a traditional samurai performing art with a Japanese sword and a Japanese fan. In feudal tunes samurai danced in this way to build their courage before battle. 

Usually performers perform to background music and typically Chinese-style poems or Japanese poems are used for these songs. Some songs express bravery against enemies according to samurai belief and some songs air out the feeling of leaving one’s home town.

For the Friday cultural activity students had a chance to participate in an introduction to Kembu. Once students had reasonably mastered some basic movement, they learned the basic choreography of a samurai Kembu performance.

Students had a good time learning the proper handling methods of a samurai sword. Check out the slideshow below for pictures from the event.

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The steps for the performance were as follows.


1. Walk around the stage and stand straight.

2. Twist the scabbard, grip the sword from the side, take a step with your right foot, and draw.

3. Point forward and thrust!

4. Raise the sword and strike!

5. Raise the sword and turn to the left.

6. Take a step and strike!

7. Raise the sword and spin.

8. Jump out and strike!

9. Ride a horse and step down.

10. Raise the sword and spin.

11. Strike down to the left.

12. Do Chiburi.

13. Sheath and spin to the left.

14. Sit down and bow.

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