Career Building Workshop for JCMU Summer Students

JCMU offered a free career building workshop in which students got to practice their interview skills, work on their resumes and much more. This Wednesday, July 16th, JCMU summer students came to the 2 hour career workshop led by Sarah Resnick.

Study abroad is a valuable addition to any resume. Students were given ways to incorporate their experience during JCMU into their job applications and interviews. In addition to resume building, students participated in a mock interview for a position in the JET program.

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Students were provided with an career building guide to assess their current progress and progress toward their career.

Click here to view the Career GuideCareer Guide PDF

In addition to the workbook, an informative Prezi presentation was also given, which can be accessed by clicking the link below.



Everyone had a good time networking with each other and developing new skills.

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