Kokunai-Ryugaku II Program Finishes


Today, the second term of Kokunai Ryugaku  (Intensive English program for Japanese college students) ended, and Japanese students will leave JCMU soon.


It’s a bit sad to say good bye to classmates and roommates, but, we believe our friendship lasts forever. We’ll definitely meet again sooner or later.

112As the flier of Kokunai Ryugaku says, “Study abroad experience in Japan,” this program is very unique for Japanese students to stay with American roommates at the JCMU dorm.

They do many things; cooking, watching movies, studying, travelling, and many more things together while they are taking English classes here at JCMU.  We believe that this unique opportunity gives a powerful impact on every student.


123The last term of Kokunai Ryugaku in spring semester will begin on March 10th. Twenty one Japanese students will join the program.


121There will be a Kokunai Ryugaku again in September. We will update the information about it soon. You are the next person to join this program !!!


If you are interested in studying at JCMU please see the JCMU homepage for more information.

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