Second term of Kokunai-ryugaku has just begun.


From yesterday, the second term of Kokunai-Ryugaku ( Intensive English course for Japanese college students) just started. Seven Japanese students are living in JCMU residence hall with American students, and studying English here for two weeks.

These are the pictures of the welcome party-ice cream social after the long first day of class yesterday. This program’s best part is not only studying English intensively, but also making a great friendship with both American and Japanese students through a lot of usual daily activities– studying, cooking, eating, talking, having a travel, watching movie together, and etc.



Are you becoming interested in Kokunai-Ryugaku ? Please check this webpage!  We are looking forward to seeing you in next term.

If you are interested in studying at JCMU please see the JCMU homepage for more information.

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