JCMU Student Exchange with Torahime High School

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As part of its mission to bring cultures together JCMU hosts programs for local high schools and universities.  This week students from Torahime High School in Nagahama visited JCMU.  All the students enjoyed getting to know one another.  JCMU does its best to create opportunities for Japanese language learners to interact with Japanese people.

What do a Gauss accelerator, sumi stains and slime mold have in common? Torahime High School students can explain!

Thirty-five 2nd year students of Torahime Super Science High School researched ten topics for experimentation in math, chemistry and physics. They designed and conducted experiments to test their hypotheses about their research data. These photos show how Torahime students presented and explained their research and test results to university students at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU). The high school students created posters to explain their research methods, data, experiments and results…ALL written and explained in English!  Great job Torahime!

If you are interested in studying at JCMU please see the JCMU homepage for more information.

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